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                                           *These oils in no way replace your veterinary care.*

I was going to make a "My Favorite List" but it would be to long so I did a quick "nutshell" of some of my favs i.e. oils, supplements, accesories. These products are signficant to our wholistic health care!

Peppermint deters ants. For mosquitoes, fleas, ticks I use RC Blend or Lemongrass. Purification will take down the swelling and sting of wasp,yellow jacket and bees plus neutralize the venom. Patchouly Oil can be used for gnats,snails, weevils and wolly aphids. Sandalwood for shiny coats.

Thank you Dr. Blake, DVM. for letting me pay it forward.


 *THIEVES OIL This is a blend of highly antiseptic,antibacterial, antiviral and anti infectious oils. I never leave home without it.I drink as tea. I mix one drop Thieves with Sesame Oil and give to dogs.I am never without THIEVES.

 *FRANKINCENSE OIL I love Frankincense. Antitumoral,immune stimulating,antidepressant,muscle relaxing. I use on weird sun spots and they go away. Frankincense has been said to alleviate skin cancer. I wear Frankincense as a perfume. Another oil I am never without.  

DI-GIZE: Great for parasites. Can be used on tummy if dog is going into bloat.

 *PAN AWAY OIL Relieves pain and inflamation, increase circulation and accelerates healing. Relieves swelling and discomfort from arthritis, muscle spasms and sprains. Jetta, my Standard Poodle uses this on her knee.Takes pain away immediatly.

 *BRAIN POWER When I feel a migraine coming on I take a couple whiffs of Brain Power and the migraine leaves. I never leave home without it.

*VALOR Known as "Chiropractor in a bottle" Helps body self adjust it's balance and alignment.

PURIFICATION: more effective than using hydrogen peroxide or iodine for cleansing wounds. Also repels ticks and mites. I use in diffuser.

PEACE AND CALMING Ever come across a nervous dog a couple whiffs of this and they calm right down. Great to use for a dog thats be in a car accident, Rescue Dog not familiar with vet visits, etc.. And of course I use to be calm as well.


ORANGE OIL: Kills flea larvae. Dilute and spray in bedding etc. Also helps dissolve fatty tumors

GRAPEFRUIT We all use Grapefruit oil. Antitumoral,diuretic,fat dissolving,antiseptic,cleansing for kidneys, vascular and lymphatic system.

 *LEMON OIL Great for cooking. I have a cup of hot water with several drops of Lemon oil every morning to help cleanse my liver. Promotes clarity of thought and purpose.

 *LAVENDAR Promotes skin regeneration and speeds up wound healing. Great for burns. Antiseptic,antifungal,antitumoral,anticonvulsant,relaxant,anti-inflammatory. Jetta uses this on her knee and hip.

OREGANO OIL: Fabulous for immune sytem,candida and delicious on salads.

Other Young Living Products I use:

Dentarome PlusToothpaste An exclusive formula of antiseptic and antimicrobial therapeutic grade essential oils to combat plaque-causing microorganisms. My teeth are much whiter and gums much healthier.

Thieves Mouthwash contains oils that kill bacteria known to cause bad breathe, gingivitis,plaque and gum disease.

Thieves Household Cleaners I love this cleaner. My refrigerator is spotless! Works fabulous on my hardwood floors. Is wonderful for laundry soap.A non toxic, biodegradable cleansing solution. Contains clove,lemon,cinnamon,Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary. Smells and works wonderful without toxic chemicals.

Animal Scents Shampoo Great smelling shampoo. It has insect repelling and killing properties also designed to rid hair of ticks, lice and other insects all from oils instead of toxic chemicals.

Sulferzyme A unique combination of MSM and Ningxa Wolfberry. MSM is critical to hair, skin and liver health. Jetta uses this for her knee. MSM equalizes water pressure inside the cells, a considerable benefit for arthritis,bursitis,tendonitis and arthritis.

BLM for building bones, ligaments and muscles. Jetta uses this for her knee. I take as well.

Vitagreens This is a high protein, high energy chlorophyll product that supports imuune system, thyroid and digestive health. All poodles get a touch of this thruout the week including me.

Alkalime. In case of indigestion.This keeps my ph balanced. It is said that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body


NING XIA RED. One ounce of Ning Xia Red provides 300% of daily Vitamin C, 18 Amino Acids, 21 Trace Minerals and 6 Essential Fatty Acids. Great for liver, eyes, immune system. My dogs and I drink everyday!

This is a partial list of some of my favorites. I wish I could send scent thru this website! All the oils smell wonderful..

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